The InLine K9 Team



My name is Julie Kopunovich and I started InLine K9 in 2008 to help people with all too common problems with their beloved pooches! In 2007 I did the National Dog Trainers Federation Certificate III in Dog Training and Behavior. 


I also have practical experience training;


Security/Personal Protection


Tracking / Scent Detection





I have studied dogs and their behavior for over a decade, as well as canine physiology, structure and the impact of modern diets and living on our pets. I believe that to live a balanced life not only the behavior but the environment must be considered as well.



I also have A Bachelor of Forensic Biology/Criminology and Dip.Sc Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics and I am currently studying my Masters of Forensic Science.



Over the years I have also rescued, fostered and retrained dogs from neglected backgrounds. I use my own dogs in the training process. So many pet dogs have little knowledge of dog behavior, doggy manners and pack behavior, using my own trained dogs has helped many clients achieve a more balanced pet.





2009 - Working/Performance dog Seminar with Uta Bindels (Germany)


2009 - Dog Training and Breeding with Karl Heinz Pahl (Au/Germany) 


2011 - National Dog Trainers Federation Conference with Steven R Lindsay (USA)


2013 - Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging (KNPV) Royal Netherlands Police Dog Association 6 Day Seminar - Willem Gepken and Harry Van Der Most (Holland)


2015 - Police and Security K9 Training with Hans Ebbers (Spezialeinsatzkommandos) and Dr Esther Schalke (Germany)


2015 - Obedience and Performance with Hans Ebbers (Spezialeinsatzkommandos) and Dr Esther Schalke (Germany)


2016 - NePoPo and Behavior Seminar with Bart Bellon (Germany)


2018 - Working K9 Conference - Matt Godwin (DNA K9), Shay Maimoni (Israeli Special Tactics K9), Mark Wynn (Boulder Creek Performance K9)


2018 - Dog Behaviour and Obedience with Hans Ebbers (Spezialeinsatzkommandos) and Dr Esther Schalke (Germany)



And more to come!




Marcus is our resident shy dog specialist!


Having grown up in the country surrounded by animals he has a natural affinity, especially with dogs. Marcus is a big dog man through and through, although bull breeds hold his heart and he eagerly makes a beeline to the closest staffordshire or bull terrier! 


He has spent a decade with working Belgian Malinois and is currently increasing his skills as a professional decoy for working K9s. His first professional decoy development training has been with Shay Maimoni of Israeli Special Tactics K9 and will be further honing his skills in the craft.




2018 - Israeli Special Tactics K9 Decoy Course - Shay Maimoni (USA)


2018 - Working K9 Conference - Matt Godwin (DNA K9), Shay Maimoni (Israeli Special Tactics K9), Mark Wynn (Boulder Creek Performance K9)

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