InLine K9 Dog Obedience & Activities School

The InLine K9 Dog School is designed for for pets and those who want more!


Sunday Mornings (Saturdays are currently by

appointment only due to family commitments)




Apollo Drive, Lara

Behind Challeen Park Stables


**Please do not go to the house at 3 Apollo Drive, that is private property**


 Fee Schedule


Initial sign up fee of $150 - $100 for each additional dog 

(this is a one off fee, not yearly)

*Fees are required to be paid before commencing classes


 $20 for every class you attend per dog


Participants are welcome to attend more then one

suitable class on the day if they prefer.



Puppy Classes - 12:30pm Sunday


These classes are designed for pups who have had their second vaccination

or have completed puppy preschool. 


This is your first step to the perfect doggy partner! 


Basic Obedience

Socialisation with other dogs, animals, sounds and objects

Doggy Manners and lifestyle training

Beginner Agility and Sports games



Adult Dog Classes  - 11:30am Sunday



Loose lead walking


Lifestyle Training


Behavioral problem solving

Group games and activities

Rally Obedience



Activities Classes - By Appointment Only



This class is designed to provide working breeds with activities to stimulate their innate behaviors. Class sizes will be kept very small and introductory sessions for each exercise will run 

once a month. You must attend an introductory session before starting the activities class, bookings can be made on any training day.



Scent Detection

Off Lead Agility/Competition Obedience/Rally Obedience



Dogs of all ages and levels will be accepted! 


We encourage people with difficult or unsocialised dogs to participate in a safe and professional environment, all dogs no matter the problem, breed or behavior will be welcome

at our school. 


Since we have no linear schedule, if you cannot attend a session you will not fall behind.

Classes over 2-3 dogs will be split into smaller groups.


We train using many methods and rewards. If your dog prefers a toy to treats please make

sure you bring it along! Correction chains are allowed.

School Rules


These rules are in place to ensure that all members are able to fully enjoy the experience in a safe and happy manner!



All owners must bring equipment that is suitable for their dog, and in working order



Current Vaccination records must be sighted before beginning training and must include C5. Those with mature dogs and wish to vaccinate triennially must provide titre test results every 12 months for the regular C5 diseases



No Chain, weak, undersized or over 1.8m leads are to be used during training unless part of the exercise



Children under 17 are encouraged to handle suitable dogs but a supervising adult must be on the field with them at all times. Children must be supervised by an adult and remain out of the class area unless participating to prevent tripping



All participants in classes must wear suitable footwear, no open toed shoes allowed



All dogs must remain on lead and under control at all times unless inside the marked play area. Dogs not being trained must either be in a vehicle, dog crate or handled by a suitable person, tethering will not be allowed



Please do not allow your dog to approach another owners dog without permission first.



If you have a concern please immediately approach one of our trainers! We encourage your opinion and are happy to further discuss with you outside of class times



Smokers are asked to remain at designated signed smoking areas and keep our field clean by putting butts in the bin provided

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