This is the most popular and well known cut of Bite Suit in Australia today.
There is equal distribution of padding across the body to ensure equal

French Suits offers optimal flexibility with a range of padding to suit your
every need. This is a more form fitting suit then the Kimono particularly
around the upper body. The jacket is held securely with three hidden clips
while the pants offer wide adjustable straps to keep you comfortable and well fitted while working.


Paddings available:

HEAVY - Designed for daily training offering optimal protection.

TRAINING - A heavier filled sports training suit, extra padding in particular giving less experienced dogs opportunity to develop a better bite.

SEMI-TRAINING - A medium filled suit for more experienced helpers, offering more protection then a lighter filled competition model.

COMPETITION - A lighter filled suit to offer superior mobility. This suit is
designed for experienced helpers who use advanced dogs. This model is not
suitable for inexperienced decoys.


All suits are custom made to your specifications
Custom Single Colour $2675
Custom Dual Colour $2800
Jacket Only $1680 (all fills)
Pants Only $1500 (all fills)
French Full Set Arm/Leg Covers $550
Custom Embroidery is quoted per letter/design

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